Chorus (2017)

HD Video, approx. 2 mins 23 sec, looped.

Chorus is part of a series of on-going works exploring the performativity of female madness - in particular, hysteria.  This work uses the famous romantic ballet ‘Giselle’ as its starting point. The original choreography from 1841 follows that of the female protagonist Giselle who, at the end of the first act, discovers she has been betrayed by her lover and “goes mad”.

The re-staging of these gestures from the “mad scene” is an act of reclaiming; the rest of the body is erased from the frame, leaving only the limbs to speak. Free from the restraint of a torso, a body; the limbs resist objectification. The frame is used as a tool to facilitate this removal from the body and they dance in the ambiguous digital space, re-purposing or re- posing, these hysterical gestures.