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Body Language, 2018 -  

Performative Essay. 

Body Language is a performative essay which linguistically connects body, movement and image. Since its first book-based publication in 2018, the text has expanded out of the page and has been installed in various site-specific forms. The text has historically been installed in places of transit; stairways, corridors, and a disused shopfront.

“Davenport explores the interchangeable terms used to describe the processing of an image, and the processes of movement. She deconstructs semantic structures to reveal similarities. Lexicon blurs. We use the body in the same way we use an image; as an action and to create meaning. The meaning is dependent on the dominant narrative, linguistic control, and systems of power. The image, in a sense, is unstable, dependent on hierarchy to define it.”

Essay featured in
To be confirmed: exercises in self doubt (2018)

Site Specific Installations 
Hanes Art Gallery; North Carolina, USA (2019)
Summerhall; Edinburgh, UK (2019)
187 Trafalgar Road; London, UK (2018)
Royal College of Art; London, UK (2018)

Selected spreads from digital PDF of To Be Confirmed: Exercises in Self-Doubt. 2018.

Stairway Installation
Show 2018, Royal College of Art; London, UK. 2018.

Stairway Installation
Stop Motion: In Search of the Still Image, Hanes Art Gallery; North Carolina, USA. 2019.

Shop Front Installation with two-way mirror film
Body Language, 187 Trafalgar Road; London, UK. 2018.