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24 Jan - 03 Mar 2019
Group Exhibiton (title TBC); Summerhall, Edinburgh.

04 Feb - 31 Mar 2019
Solo Exhibition: Stop Motion; Hanes Art Gallery, USA.
+ 10 Day Residency in partnership with Hanes Art Gallery and Wake Forest University. 

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08 May - 11 Nov 2018

‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)’ in Night Visions as part of London at Night, Museum of London.

11 October:

Launch of publication ‘To be confirmed: exercises in self-doubt’ at 504 Arch, Loughborough Junction.

Reading at 19h30 and performance of ‘Circuit Training [...]’ at 20h.

04 October:
Circuit Training (exercises in self-doubt)’ live performance at

The Nunnery Gallery Frieze First Thursday Performance Evening.

In conjunction with Visions in the Nunnery | P1 Tina Keane. 

recent conversations / writing

October: The Unstable Image (The Unstable Woman)

Notes on ‘To be confirmed: exercises in self-doubt, by Melissa Fielding

June: PhotoGrad Featured Artist selected by Elizabeth Orcutt

May: RCA Interview with Jessie Bond on Night Visions at The Museum of London.