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Working between London & The Midands, UK. 

Lecturer on BA (Hons) Photography
at Arts University Bournemouth 

E: alexandra-davenport[at]
IG: @alexandra.davenport

︎ Curriculum Vitae 

Recent News 

Mirror Mirror, Performance for Tom Lovelace for Ateier NŌUA. 

Interviewed for Photography+ #6 ‘Perform’ from Photoworks. 

Recipient of A-N Artist Development Bursary


Alexandra is a London-based artist and lecturer working primarily with performance, photography, and text. Signalling back to a history in dance, her work is centred around the gestural body, adopting choreographic tools and strategies from dance as a means to explore the performativity of image-making. The relationship between the body and the camera is central to her research and recurring themes in her work include; the body as image, neuroscience and representations of womxn in visual culture. She is a recipient of 2020 A-N Artist Development Bursary, using the funding to develop the choreographic aspect of her practice.

Davenport has too used the body as object, interrogating limbs and joints as tools in an unyielding desire of autonomy. But she seeks to take control by unpacking the structures that are always subtly present, reclaiming the body as object as a source of subversive power.

Recent exhibitions include: A Performance Affair; Brussels, BG (2019),
Vogue Ukraine Art Issue Exhibition; Kyiv, UA (2019), Dancing In Peckham; Peckham 24, London, UK (2019), Stop Motion: In Search of the Still Image [Solo]; Hanes Art Gallery, USA (2019), The Same Tendency; Summerhall, Edinburgh, UK, Visions in the Nunnery, The Nunnery Gallery, London, UK (2018), London Nights; The Museum of London, UK (2018).