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Commute, 2017. 

Live Performance, duration approx. 6 mins
2 performers, 2 chairs

Commute - late Middle English from Latin commūtāre to change, replace, exchange. The performance Commute uses the body & gesture as tools to investigate power and spatial authority. Without language coming into play, the individual actions begin to flow into one another and soon the bodies begin to choreographically intertwine.

The work was developed through improvistion, and therefore sequencing and duration varies. 

In rehearsal for Tate Modern, 2017

Featured Performers 
Elizabeth Bradley 

Patrick Lawrie

Live Performances 
Cloud & Horse Summer Show; London, UK (2017) Offprint Tate Modern; London, UK (2017)

Exhibition Features Stop Motion: In Search of the Still Image; North Carolina, USA (2019)