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Exercises I-III, 2014 - 2015. 

B&W Risographed Publication, A5. 

Exercises I-III is a quasi-instructional zine developed from the ideas of failure, frustration and repetition. Taking inspiration from step-by-step guides, the images show the artist attempting a series of banal tasks. Contorted and awkward, they disrupt the fluidity of movement; play on the comical and the absurd, and explore the artist’s own frustration with the process of production.

Winner of the Belfast Open Submission Prize, 2015.

Published by KIOSK Books. 
First Edition: 10 
Second Edition: 30
Print: B&W
Binding: Stapled
Cover Pages: Ivory 
Inside Pages: White, recycled paper 
Size: A5
Pages: 24

Collections: Benaki Museum, Athens (GR); Hanes Art Gallery, North Carolina (USA). 

Good Press, Glasgow; Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool.

1st Edition: Sold Out

2nd Edition: Only 2 copies left!