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Notes on.... (Parts I-IIII), 2019. 

In ‘Undefining Folium’ from Folium Publishing.

Folium - a thin leaflike structure, e.g. in some rocks or in the cerebellum of the brain.

Using an image of a brain from the Salpêtrière Hospital Archive c.1875 as a starting point, the writing intertwines theories of reading, neuroscience and motor cognition to explore the book as a body, ‘reading’ one's body and the body as a book. In its physical form, the essay is contained within four folded sections bringing the reader back to the corporeal references & the physicality of reading.

This essay was produced as part of a one month research and publishing project initiated by Folium Publishing. 

Folium is an artist-led publishing platform initiating research and discussion to facilitate the production of new work and printed material.

The publication features contributions from:
Jamie Smyth
Alexandra Davenport
Tuomas Kortteinen
Sanket Ghatalia
Adam Hines-Green
Hannah Fletcher,
Sofie Cato Maas
Ben McDonell