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In the Gap Between, 2019.

Live performance, 15 - 20 mins (duration varies). 

'In the Gap Between' investigates the live-performing body as both a still and moving image. Informed by synchronised dance structures such as Corps de Ballet and The Chorus Line; the work utilises key characteristics of these structures (moving in sync, single file arrangement, repetition, pace & pauses) as a means to explore the body as an image.

Moving as one, the performers move in a slow, synchronised queue-like formation, reproducing movements presented by the performer in front. Movements filter through each body and the work embraces the slippages and improvisations that occur when this information is lost in translation. By slowing movement down, the work invites the performers to fully explore a range of often-overlooked gestures, whilst simultaneously challenging audience spectatorship.

Live Performances
’Dancing in Peckham’ at Peckham 24; London (UK)

Development of this work was generously supported by Summerhall Gallery and Webber Gallery. 

Dancing in Peckham at Peckham 24

Unit 8 Copeland Park, Peckham; London. 



14.00, 15.15 & 16.30
Curated by

Webber Gallery, Photoworks & Der Grief.

Amelia Tan, Duane Nasis, Rachel Coleman, Andrew Oliver & Sara Stenbæk

Courtesy of the Artist

Filmed and edited by Piotr Sell