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In the Gap Between, 2019 - present

Live Performance, approx. 15 mins. 

Informed by traditional synchronised dance structures such as Corps de Ballet and The Chorus Line; 'In the Gap Between' explores the body in motion and utilises key characteristics of these structures (moving in sync, single file arrangement, repetition, pace & pauses) as a means to explore the body as an image.

Images: In rehearsals for Peckham 24.
This work is currently in development until 2020. 

Live documentation from Peckham 24

Unit 8 Copeland Park, Peckham; London.  


Presented as part of ‘Dancing in Peckham’, at Peckham 24. Curated by Webber Gallery, Photoworks & Der Grief.
With special thanks to Webber Gallery for their generous support in making this happen.

at 14.00, 15.15 & 16.30

Performed by
Amelia Tan, Duane Nasis, Rachel Coleman, Andrew Oliver & Sara Stenbæk.