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Mirror Mirror, 2020. 

A live interactive performance and installation.

Performer in Mirror Mirror, in collabroation with artist Tom Lovelace.

The installation presented an exploration into performance, collaboration and mimicry. Visitors will encountered a meld of photography, mirrors and movement and found themselves within a live, interactive display between London and Bodø, where the roles of spectator and performer become blurred.

“Webcams were installed within the spaces of NŌUA, allowing myself and collaborators Alexandra Davenport and Clémentine Bedos to respond to the visiting public through movement and gesture in London. These live performances were subsequently streamed back to Bodō in real time and projected onto the gallery wall. Initially, most gallery visitors were unaware of the live, interactive nature of the display. Subsequently, wonderful and intimate collaborations unfolded, from afar, stretched over the internet. The traditional and predominantly passive relationship between audience and artwork was deliberately broken and entangled, presenting a live inquiry into the acts and rhythms of looking, moving and being.” - Tom Lovelace


04.09.20 - 06.09.20


11:00 - 13:00 and 16:00 - 18:00

London: Seen Fifteen 
Bodø: Atelier NŌUA

Alexandra Davenport 
Clementine Bedos
Tom Lovelace

Courtesy of Tom Lovelace and Kezia Blain